Genocide Education: California Senate Bill 1380

By: Mike Spradley: Writer, ‘Rage Monthly’ KNSJ 89.1 FM dishNfork In my own family I assumed I’d heard all the tales of heroism or of those who became part of American and global history. With deep regret I missed the story of my brother-in-law’s father, Robert Cleary, who was a first lieutenant serving in the 89th Infantry…
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Zero Tolerance Policies’ Impact On School-To-Prison Pipeline

GUESTS: Judge James Milliken, former presiding judge of San Diego Juvenile Court Rick Barton, chair, Anti-Defamation League’s Education Equality Task Force You can listen to the full interview here: Related Story: Zero Tolerance Policies’ Impact On School-To-Prison Pipeline …
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State of the Union Address Tonight

Follow tonight’s State of the Union address at 6 PM with ADL and engage in the national conversation on ADL issues President Obama may discuss. As key ADL priorities like the global fight against extremism and terror and immigration reform are raised tonight or elsewhere in the public debate, ADL uses Twitter to channel interest…
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How Do I Talk to My Students About Ferguson?

ADL’s Current Events Classroom has two ready-made lesson plans for teachers to address Ferguson with their students while remaining sensitive to diversity within the classroom. The Current Events Classroom is a collection of timely and relevant brief lesson plans that assist K-12 educators in teaching news topics and other issues of the day. Each lesson…
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