ADL to Palestinian U.N. Ambassador: Comparing Terrorists to Jewish Fighters in Warsaw Ghetto is Offensive and False

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today condemned as “highly offensive” a statement by Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian U.N. Ambassador, comparing Palestinian terrorists to Jewish fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. During a press conference on April 27, Ambassador Mansour said: “[Israel’s] representative on the U.N. Security Council trying [sic] to show that all the Palestinian people…
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ADL Urges Donald Trump to Reconsider “America First” in Foreign Policy Approach

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today urged presidential candidate Donald Trump to reconsider his use of the phrase “America First” as a slogan describing his approach to foreign affairs, citing its anti-Semitic use in the months before Pearl Harbor by a group of prominent Americans seeking to keep the nation out of World War II. The…
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New ADL Resources for Safe and Respectful Schools

Fears of extrem­ism, rad­i­cal­iza­tion and mass vio­lence in our schools have unfor­tu­nately become all too com­mon for edu­ca­tors and school admin­is­tra­tors across the United States. At the same time, infor­ma­tion that allows edu­ca­tors to under­stand the threat and leaves them equipped to address it with­out per­pet­u­at­ing biases and stereo­types is scarce. In order to fill…
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White Supremacists Feud Over the Racist Gender Gap

There is fight­ing and acri­mony between sup­port­ers of the two most vis­i­ble web­sites in the white suprema­cist movement—Stormfront and The Daily Stormer—over the role of white women. Andrew Anglin, the neo-Nazi who runs The Daily Stormer, has infu­ri­ated many white suprema­cist women by post­ing arti­cles on his site that attack white women. When a fan…
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The new chapter in Catholic–Jewish relations: Celebrating 50 years of Nostra Aetate

Learn more about Catholic-Jewish relations here:…
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Anti-Semitism in Europe: Are Europe’s Jewish Communities at a Tipping Point?

Please join us for a special briefing on Anti-Semitism in Europe by ADL’s Director of European Affairs, Andrew Srulevitch…
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